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- Microsoft Access 2010

- Microsoft denies involvement in Xbox 720 leaker police raid
- Hortonworks and Microsoft bring open-source Hadoop to Windows
- Microsoft will reportedly launch Surface tablet in Japan
- CoPilot GPS navigation coming to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
- Acer Windows 8 tablet is powerful but bulky; ‘Ni no Kuni’ is gaming enchantment

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Reply and Delete will help you tame unwieldy email threads by choosing to reply and then delete the e-mail to which you are responding. By default, it already includes the email you originally received (and probably all the emails that came before it in the thread). Move to Folder will allow you to avoid the wrist/hand/arm mangling action of holding the mouse button down and dragging by easily clicking on the target folder from a list. To Manager and Team E-mail are variations of a "New E-mail To…" Quick Step. Type in email addresses, or add from contacts. Name it something meaningful like, "Project Team," or "Steering Committee." When you click on it, it will simply open an email with those addressees already in the To: line. Make your own one-click solutions to email processing with one of these two methods. Related Content: Buy outlook 2010, microsoft outlook 2010 download at http://www.outlook2010shop.com/ , cheap microsoft publisher 2010 download online.

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An eastern Chinese city has banned serving luxury foods and liquors during official receptions in an effort to trim excessive public spending, local authorities said.

According to a regulation issued by the Wenzhou city government in late June, delicacies including shark fins, abalones and wild ginsengs were prohibited from appearing on such occasions, said Lin Zhanxiao, a director at the city’s discipline inspection commission.

The blacklist went on to name other luxury dishes, premium liquors like Kweichow Moutai, and high-end cigaretts, Lin said.

Wenzhou, a bustling port city in Zhejiang province, is known for its free-market entrepreneurship and for spearheading China’s judicial reforms.

The regulation also placed a cap on the number of officials attending banquets and expenses on such occasions, which were stipulated not to exceed 60 yuan ($9.4) for each person, Lin said.

“This regulation is going to be serious – we’ll require officials to submit checks of the banquets, which will clearly show everything they have ordered,” Lin said

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As I’m sure you did, the first thing I thought of when reading that was to look for loopholes. The biggest one, of course, is enforcement. It doesn’t matter if those expenses are reported to one’s superiors if the higher-ups look the other way when budgets are exceeded. Indeed, if I was organizing one of these things, I’d simply make sure to invite all the folks in the chain of command who have oversight authority.

Cynicism aside, the restrictions are better than I would have thought. For example, a purely symbolic set of rules would ban a few high-end items, like shark’s fin soup, yet allow alternative delicacies. You can never ban everything, which is why a per diem, or cost per person, is important. I’m assuming, though, that there is no fiddling with the number of attendees; over-reporting would make that per person budget meaningless. Perhaps the attendee cap has something to do with that problem.

As usual, I appreciate that the government is even bothering with this kind of thing; it means they are listening to public concerns. If the rules actually work, and I admit that I will be surprised if they do, even better.

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He was a tubby tough guy with a pug of a mug, as unlikely a big-screen star or a romantic lead as could be imagined.

Yet Ernest Borgnine won a woman's love and an Academy Award in one of the great lonelyhearts roles in "Marty," a highlight in a workhorse career that spanned nearly seven decades and more than 200 film and television parts.

Borgnine, who died Sunday at 95, worked to the end. One of his final roles was a bit part as a CIA records-keeper in 2010's action comedy "Red" — fittingly for his age, a story of retired spies who show that it's never too late to remain in the game when they're pulled back into action.

"I keep telling myself, 'Damn it, you gotta go to work,'" Borgnine said in a 2007 interview with The Associated Press. "But there aren't many people who want to put Borgnine to work these days. They keep asking, 'Is he still alive?'"

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The court in June approved the $40,000 claim of former President Peter E. Janke. It was half the amount Janke sad he was owed. Janke, a former Raytheon executive, first joined the firm as a board member in June 2010 and took over as president in September 2010. with a base salary of $240,000.

Janke also signed a severance agreement entitling him to receive six months' salary if he was terminated by the company "without cause." Janke was terminated in April 1, 2011, as part of a restructuring agreement, but he didn't get paid the severance. The company claimed he violated the severance terms by receiving self-employment income. Janke disputed that. and filed suit in July 2011 in a state court in Virginia. But that suit was stalled when the company filed for bankruptcy protection. Janke agreed to drop the suit as part of the $40,000 settlement.

Nguyen also filed suit against the company in Virginia, for $1.5 million, alleging that the board forced him to resign in June 2011, but there were no settlements regarding his claims as of July 9.

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